Friday, July 25, 2014

Awesome Teacher and Workshop

I had the good fortune of attending a Bonnie Hunter lecture and workshop last night and today. Bonnie is a fantastic teacher and just as nice in person as one might expect by experiencing her online presence.The workshop I took was the Crumbs workshop. We made wonky stars, folksy hearts, string/crazy pieced blocks, and free form letters. It was all play and fun and no stress. When I get my blocks unpacked, I will post some photos of what I learned and made. In the meantime, here are a few photos from among the many I took last night of Bonnie's quilts. The photo on the table above is from "Ring Around the Hexies" which Bonnie co-authored with Mickey Depre.

Hawk's Nest from "Scraps and Shirttails II".

Virginia Bound from "Scraps and Shirttails".

Lazy Sunday mystery quilt published in Quiltmaker magazine in 2013.

Midnight Flight from "More Adventures with Leaders and Enders"

Lucy's Baskets from "More Adventures with Leaders and Enders"

Winston Ways from "More Adventures with Leaders and Enders"

Sister's Choice - free pattern at quiltville/

Yes, I know, there are three quilts pictured with no name. I have to get to my quilt books to find out what the names are and when I do, they will be posted.

UPDATE: Finally found the book I was looking for and the names of the quilts have been added.


  1. Everyone always looks happy at Bonnie's workshops! That Hawk's Nest quilt looks really good with just the small bits of cheddar to tie it together. So much sewing! I am amazed at her energy. :D

    1. They look happy because they are happy. Bonnie's heart is as big as her smile. She's a good teacher with clear instructiions, a supportive attitude, and excellent rapport. Should you ever get the chance to take a class with her, don't hesitate to do so.

  2. very nice selection of quilts and eager to see what you did at the workshop