Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Doll Quilt #2

I have never worked in a series before, but this may start one. This is doll quilt #2, perhaps to be also known as "Ticky Tacky" - remember the song, "Little boxes....made of ticky tacky...."? Totally made from stash. I can see from the photos that things aren't as straight as they should be. But, hey, it's a doll quilt, not a masterpiece. I will use it to try another of Jacquie Gering's quilting ideas from the Craftsy class by her that I am watching.


  1. this makes a great doll quilt, and yes I remember the song takes me back to the 60`s or was it the 50`s

  2. I love this, Mary Ellen! So cute, and just enough. You're on a roll!