Thursday, April 24, 2014


I haven't been posting much recently because, as I mentioned, the garden has been calling. All the mulch has been distributed and an initial weeding accomplished. I can see from this morning's stroll, that another is in the offing soon. There are a number of humble plants in the yard which only bloom in the spring and are diminutive in nature. They are among my favorites. Here are a few:

Perennial Forget-me-not  or Siberian Bugloss, next to a Japanese Painted fern.

Tiarella, aka foam flower

Heuchera, Coral Bells, Caramel varietal

Another Heuchera. I have forgotten the name of the varietal.

Primrose. A bargain plant plucked half dead from the clearance shelf at the supermarket.

Fritillaria in the foreground (and out of focus); daffodils in the background. There are at least a dozen varieties of daffodils and they went all out this spring. Maybe a harsh winter does them good.

Please note the abundance of mulch and lack of weeds.


  1. What a lovely stroll through your spring garden with you!

  2. love to see your flora, I too am getting forget me knots this year, not sure if from the birds or next door but they are very welcome, i am a lazy gardener, plant things that come back year after year.

  3. My goodness, your garden is so much further along than ours! What a winter. We're still looking at snow drops and a few crocuses.

    But I'm sure some early weeding will pay dividends later on, so do what you have to do!